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Club Fitting | Getting started

My ultimate goal to get you properly fitted into your new or existing golf clubs.

The indoor driving range provides you with an ideal substitute for hitting golf balls in a real-life simulation of an outdoor environment. You will get the confidence of seeing exactly where the balls are going by using an indoor simulator. The Tomi putting system technology are also available at Antony Morgan Golf.

The clubfitting experience at Antony Morgan Golf is a comprehensive based process that is designed to make sure that you have the optimal golf clubs for your game. It is an ongoing process that has been developed over the last 10 years which insures that you get the best equipment for your own personal golf swing.

At Antony Morgan Golf we have hundreds of different club combinations to determine the proper fitting specifications for you unlike the big golfstores where unfortunately the fitting possibilities of loft, lie, shaft en flexes are very few and far between. Remember this stores cater for quantity and not quality.

Contrary to what you might believe, you cannot get properly fitted golf equipment purchased from the web . A golfer’s swing is unique as is their length, shoe size and personality so WHY would you purchase golf clubs without the best advice and properly testing them (would you buy a car without a test drive?). That is why at Antony Morgan Golf I don’t sell golf clubs over the web but only face to face with a guarantee of the best impartial advice.

50,- per 60 minutes with FlightScope Technology

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