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Your fitting experience doesn't have to stop there.

I can fit you for the correct woods to match to your driver and irons to get the correct gap fitting so every meter is covered. Do you need hybrids, or fairway woods or some combination of both? Different golfers will perform better with different clubs, and the long game is critical to improving your game. The Long Game Fitting at Antony Morgan Golf will help you by measuring your performance with different types of clubs.

While finding the correct shaft is critical for fitting fairway woods, finding that shaft isn't enough.

We also need to determine both the correct type of fairway wood and the appropriate loft.Some golfers might need a #3 wood while others might need a #4 wood built to a #3 wood length.

Some golfers benefit from low profile heads, while others need higher profile clubs.

More and more golfers are using hybrids these days. As their popularity has grown, the variety of head and shaft types has also grown.

Getting fitted for a hybrid makes sure that these "rescue" clubs are as easy and forgiving to hit as possible.

Do you need offset? Are you better off with a fairway hybrid or an iron hybrid?

50,- per 60 minutes with FlightScope Technology

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