Club Fitting | Putter

Putting accounts for more than 50 percent of your game.

Understanding your stroke, the type of putter that suits your stroke and your individual specifications can shave strokes off your game instantaneously.

I measure eye-dominancy, ball position based on your dominant eye, alignment (face angle to target), club length , swing weight, grip size, lie angle, loft of face, putter head rotation and acceleration* (*can only be measured with the Tomi system).

For people who wish to have a more technical‚Äč putter fitting, we provide the Tomi technology system which captures allignment at address, alignment at impact, path at impact, stroke path and rotation, shaft angle at impact, impact spot, speed at impact and stroke tempo.

After your fitting session we will present a recommendation. This will help you reach a decision on the putter that not only suits your budget but also helps you to improve your putting performance.

60,- per 60 minutes

75,- per 60 minutes with Tomi Putting System

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