FlightScope Technology

FlightScope is a 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf and other sports.

Measures accurately the launch and flight of balls and clubs and provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance.

Creates a low level electromagnetic field through which the golf ball and the golf club move. The movement creates a disturbance that is detected and processed to extract position and speed data. The measured launch and flight data is sent to a PC program where it is displayed in various views, and stored. Measurements include: ball and clubhead speeds, launch angles, spin, carry distance, smash factor, and more.

Is fundamentally different from most other launch monitors because it measures ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball’s flight path using FlightScope measures what the ball is actually doing, and is much more accurate than camera or light beam methods that take only single launch data points and estimate what the ball will do. This is even important in short flight situations e.g. in a hitting cage. FlightScope is not dependent on ambient lighting conditions (it can work in complete darkness), nor does it create blinding flashes of light.

Represents the state of the art in measuring technology for projectiles in flight. It is in a different class to launch-only monitors, and is able to track speeds extremely accurately and determine ball positions to within single yards.

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