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There's more to it than just teaching golf.

My golf teaching philosophy comes from the fact that I believe there is a better way of teaching golf to a student in which he or she can better understand how to swing the club in a more consistent way. I started as a PGA golf assistant in the UK back in 1981 before moving into my family business, I qualified as a golf coach in 2004 and from 2008 became a Master Club maker and Club fitter.

Before becoming a Club fitter I had no real understanding of how the golf club actually worked. So the importance of the length of shaft, swing weight, flex, lie angle and the loft the golf club meant very little to me. It was only then that I started to understand how teaching and Club fitting became hand in glove. You can’t do one without the other.

In 2004 I became a qualified European golf teacher and am now a Dutch golf teaching professional, my teaching manuals, are as good, if not better than the PGA teachers manual. I realised that almost every golf teacher gets taught in the same way, so we teach, the same grip, the same stance and mainly the same swing styles. This is totally wrong in my opinion, because everybody is different with different strengths and weaknesses, but most golf teachers tend to teach their pupils what has worked for them in the past and not what is good for their pupil they are teaching at this present moment in time!!

Let me give you a scenario, you go for your golf lesson, you are in your bay, you have a bucket of balls, shall we say 50 balls in total. You speak to your pro and tell him or her that you are not hitting the ball very well at this point in time, So, they ask you to warm up and hit some shots. After 5 or 10 shots, they then see the problem. You're asked to change your grip, keep your head still, turn your body more. Every swing takes one second approximately but you only have 40 to 45 golf balls left in your bucket. So your lesson is really only 40 to 45 seconds long. but you have booked 1 hour!!!

What can you possibly learn in 40 to 45 seconds ... (Not a lot)

This is typical golf teaching across the board from the PGA and down. It’s so stereotyped, it's almost painful. Same old same old since 1930 ...

At Antony Morgan Golf it's not about hitting lots of golf balls. It's about teaching the pupil the correct movement pattern that will overtime create a longer lasting swing technique. By understanding how the brain can actually learn we can teach the brain a new mechanical Motion. Understanding myelin, the brains electronical highway you can learn very quickly how to develop micro movements within your golf swing that will create stronger movement pattern for you to hit the golf ball more effectively just like the pros.

If you would like to have a greater understanding of how to learn faster and how to have a greater knowledge of your golf equipment, play golf and have fun with your friends and partners, then why not make the next move the right move and contact Antony Morgan Golf.

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