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Proven technique to increase club head speed

This training will improve your swing speed! For the best result it is recommended to have 2x 30 minutes training a week for 4 weeks. This training is without weights or fitness modules!!

Did you know by increasing your club head speed by an extra 1 mile an hour you can carry the golf ball an extra 3 meters, 5 miles an hour would mean 15 meters and 10 miles an extra 30 meters.

Now that is an advantage!

There is a saying in golf "driving for show putting for dough" but if you asked any PGA tour pro what they believe would be the most important 1) distance off the tee or 2) putting, you would find the majority would always choose distance over their short game. Almost every golfer can improve their club head speed by understanding the correct techniques and where club head speed actually comes from.

Distance is King!

Approximately 85% of your club head speed will come from your arms and hands and only 15% from your body so by learning the correct swing techniques you will improve your swing mechanics and understand how to swing the club faster with added accuracy in a very short space of time.

Here at Anthony Morgan Golf we have proven techniques that can show any golfer that they can improve their club head speed by going through our training programme. If you are interested in this training please pick up the phone now and contact us to make your first appointment to gain more club head speed, longer distance, greater accuracy to outdrive your golf buddies.'

We offer the following special deal:

200,- PACKAGE 4 WEEKS (including 8x 30 minutes)

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