Here is the complete list of prices for my services. Please contact us for more detailed information and quotes.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Golf lessons
Regular TrainingHalf-hour20 mins€27,50
Hour60 mins€55
Hour (Outdoors)60 mins€55
Hour (Indoors) incl. Trackman60 mins€65
Regular package (Save €25!)5 lessons€250
Ultra package (Save €75!)10 lessons€475
Regular course9 holes€110
Ultra course18 holes€200
Swing Speed TrainingDeluxe Package (8x 30 mins)4 weeks€200
FocusBand Brain TrainingDeluxe Package (8x 30 mins)60 mins€60
Club fitting
DriverClub head speed, ball speed, angle of attack and many more using Flight Scope technology60 mins€50
IronHit more solid, straight, and longer shots all of which add to building confidence and lower scores60 mins€50
Long gameGet the correct gap fitting for your fairway woods and hybrids so that every meter is covered60 mins€50
WedgeChoosing the right loft, bounce and grinds in order to improve this very important area of your game60 mins€50
PutterVery "individual" fitting customized to your personal putting needs and will shave strokes off your game60 mins€50
With the Tomi Putting System60 mins€75
Beginners For beginner golfers correct length, loft, lie and grip size will improve your confidence and consistency60 mins€50
Club Repair
Regripping Ensure you have the exact grip thickness, materials and textures to control the club head for better precisiongrip€10+
Reshafting Find the shaft with the optimum combination of bend profile, flex, weight, torque and flow or shaft stabilizationshaftAsk
Shaft and StabilizationDeliver the clubhead into the ideal position at impact for maximum power and accuracyclub€35
Lie and Loft AdjustmentOne of the most important adjustments to your golf clubs for distance control and accuracyclub€7.50
Club GrindingFor the ultimate versatility of your wedgeswedge€45+
BasicBasic full bag fitting (call for details)60-90 mins€100
IntermediateIntermediate full bag fitting (call for details)90-120 mins€140
AdvancedAdvanced full bag fitting (call for details)120-180 mins€200
Secret art of club fittingBasics of club fitting techniques and what it means for proper game improvement concepts.each€500
Nutrition and exercise in golfCorrect balance between eating the right foods and proper exercise is essential for achieving peak performance.each€500
Science of the golf swingMechanics of motion, velocity and torque, angle at impact, and high follow through come together in a beautiful geometry of movement.each€500
Customized workshopOn request we can design a workshop or presentation based on your specific needs, popular with companies and business clubs.each€750

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