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Golfclub Oude Maas / Rhoon Golf Center B.V.
Driving Range
Veerweg 2A
3161 EX  Rhoon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you recommend golf lessons for beginners?

Yes, because by learning the basic fundamentals of the golf swing you will learn to play golf quicker, have more fun and enjoy the game. People who don’t take golf lessons will struggle and will teach themselves the incorrect techniques which is then harder to correct in the long run. You are basically teaching yourself bad habits.

How many golf lessons should a beginner and an advanced golfer take?

To learn the basics it is recommendable for a beginner to take 5 golf lessons and then work on what has been taught and take it from thereon. By taking 5 golf lessons you can start to understand how your putting, chipping, pitching and your full swing can all come together. You cannot learn all these different golf disciplines in only 1 lesson.
An advanced golfer won’t need as many lessons unlike the beginner golfer as they already got their technique. They only might need a 1-on-1 lesson once every 3 to 6 months to evaluate their golf swing and to sort out any problems that the teacher might see.

Do online golf lessons work?

Yes, but this is where you the golfer need to be more self disciplined. It is a tremendous way to learn because it is more to the point and far more focus based on golf mechanics and there also will be less distraction than you will find in a pshycial lesson.

Why don’t you offer 30 minutes lessons?

Because in our opinion the average golfer needs the minimum of an hour to feel and understand the new technique that is being taught.

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