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 Club Repair | Custom Work

Sometimes you need that little bit extra to make it happen!

Are you looking for something special? Antony Morgan Golf offers a wide range of custom options for your golf equipment to fit your specific requirements.

Shaft and Stabilization

At Antony Morgan Golf, we use specialized equipment to make sure that every shaft we work on is installed to optimize performance and improve scores.

Take a close look at a golf shaft sometime. Your first instinct will be to think that it is round. Unfortunately, it really isn’t.
What you cannot see is the inside of the shaft. If you could, you’d probably be surprised. Your “round” shaft has an invisible spine (or even several spines) that might effect where the ball goes.

What is a shaft “spine” and what does it do? A shaft spine is an irregularity in a shaft that is caused when one part of a shaft wall is thicker than another or there are material inconsistencies. When these irregularities occur a shaft can bend and oscillate in different directions which can cause your ball direction to vary and your shot accuracy to suffer.

Even worse, almost all sets of clubs have shafts with spines that vary from club to club. Your 5 iron might promote a pull shot while your 6 iron might promote a push – talk about inconsistency. At Antony Morgan Golf we spine and flow every shaft. The shaft spine is genuinely the stiffest part of the golf shaft and the flow or the flatline oscillation is the softest.

By using our shaft frequency analyzers to measure the stiffness of the shafts we can ascertain the correct spine and flow direction so that you have the most consistent golf shafts available just as the pro’s have on tour.

Lie and Loft Adjustments

Improper lie angles often cause good golfers and good golf swings to hit misdirected shots. When you hit a golf ball, the bottom of your club needs to be parallel to the ground. If it is not it will cause the ball to travel off line, regardless of how well you swing the club. Make sure your clubs have the correct lie and loft angles for your swing.

It’s also important to have your clubs re-checked periodically. Softer clubheads can get knocked out of alignment over time from repeated use. If you play once a week or less, have your clubs measured and your lie angle checked once a year. If you play/practice more frequently, get checked out every 6 months.

Please note that loft & lie are equally important for your putters set up and accuracy. If you are 1 degree offline on a 3 metres putt (10 ft) you will miss the hole by 6cm or just over 2 inches. It is so important to be properly fit to your own fitting specifications.

Club Grinding

Specialized clubhead grinds are a common request at Antony Morgan Golf. Some golfers are looking to alter their ball flight and want a clubhead adjusted to shift the center of gravity. Others are looking for greater versatility around the greens and want the bounce of the clubhead to be changed so that it is easier to open/close the clubface.

Whatever your goals are, talk to us about the best way to accomplish them.