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Golf Lessons | Regular Golf Lessons

Looking to improve your game today? Then book a lesson with Antony Morgan Golf!

If you would like to have a greater understanding of how to learn faster and how to have a greater knowledge of your golf equipment, play golf and have fun with your friends and partners, then make the next move the right move and contact Antony Morgan Golf. We are fully equipped to help you in all parts of the game such as full swing, putting, chipping, pitching, sand game, and setting up a personalized game plan to reach your desired golfing goals. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced player or a beginner, it is a fact that one-to-one private instruction is the most effective way to finetune specific aspects of your game and improve your game in general! We offer outdoor and indoor lessons. If required we can also include the Flightscope Golf Simulator as well as the BodiTrak V1 pressure mat for your outdoor lessons without extra charge.

Indoor golf lessons

Are you looking for an in depth teaching program to personalize and fit your needs and do you feel more comfortable in an enclosed environment? Then the indoor studio of Rinus Goor at the driving range of Golf Center Rhoon, where I work from, is the excellent place for you! We are very well equipped with the latest teaching technologies such as Trackman- and Flightscope Golf Simulator as well as BodiTrak V1 pressure mat. Working with these great technologies will give you the perfect insights what it is you need to change in your technique which will adhence lasting improvements to your game and increasing your performance. A studio lesson also includes a slow motion video analysis which is the perfect way to detect the fault(s), you (still) might have in the game, much quicker and ables us to effectively work together on detailed solutions which enables you to make a quick progression in your game.

    Prices for our outdoor and indoor lessons

1 Person | 60 Minutes

€ 60,-

2 Persons | 60 Minutes

€ 32,50 p.p.

3 Persons | 60 Minutes

€ 25,- p.p.

4 Persons | 60 Minutes

€ 20,- p.p.

    Golf packages – buy more save more!

1 Person

€ 275,- for 5 lessons (save €25) | € 525,- for 10 lessons (save €75)

2 Persons

€ 300,- for 5 lessons (save €25) | € 575,- for 10 lessons (save €75)

3 Persons

€ 350,- for 5 lessons (save €25) | € 675,- for 10 lessons (save €75)

4 Persons

€ 375,- for 5 lessons (save €25) | € 725,- for 10 lessons (save €75)

    We also offer course lessons!

9 Holes

€ 120,- p.p. for 2 hours

18 Holes

€ 240,- p.p. for 4 hours

* Outdoor lessons are excluding golf balls. A bucket of golf balls can be purchased at the driving range.

Please be aware that all golf lessons will be conducted in English!

Lesson cancellation policy

We are aware that due to our busy daily lives you might forget to cancel your appointment with us but we count on your understanding that we cannot refill the empty slots in our agenda because of last minute cancellations and therefore we unfortunately need to include below cancellation policy rules.

  • No show for a booked golf lesson means that the client will lose the lesson and has to pay in full for the price of the booked lesson
  • If the client wants to move or cancel the appointment within less than 24 hours notice than the client will lose the lesson and has to pay in full for the price of the booked lesson.

Thank you for your cooperation!