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Golf Lessons | Online Coaching

No time for a physical lesson but need immediate visual feedback?

Then booking a golf lesson online is the perfect solution for you! Many people don’t realize that having lessons online gives them so many benefits! Just think how much time and money you will save by having a direct approach towards improvement and how more interactive and flexible your virtual lesson will be! It doesn’t matter anymore wherever in the world you are! If you are golfing abroad and find that your game is not to the standard it would normally be, then we offer the opportunity to have an online lesson or just sending through your golfswing via email so I can analyse your swing and give you the feedback to get your game back on track!

How does it work?

At Antony Morgan Golf we work with the V1 Golf App which you can download for free by clicking Golf Swing Analyzer App | Golf Swing Analysis| V1 Sports. You can also visit your smart phone application store and download the V1 Golf App. Via this app you can send me your golf swing by video for which I give you a complete analyzation including explanation and drills of areas where you need to improve. A great advantage of online teaching is that you always will have the received analysis saved in your app and can watch it back as many times as you please and integrate the instructions at your own pace! This information will never get lost in contrary to a conventional golf lesson. How valuable is this!

What can you expect?

  • Golf swing in depth review
  • Corrective exercises and drills specific to your development
  • Breaking down of your specific swing faults
  • Recorded voice over video analysis
  • Email communication


 What will you need?

  • 2 videos of your golf swing (preferably in slow motion) of which 1 video has to be from “down-the-line”and 1 video from “face-on”.
  • These videos can be from full swing, short game or putting.
  • Any additional information about your golf game.

How much will it cost?

€ 40,- (review of full swing analyze on V1 software)